Creative workshop "classics of sound"dn



Dear friends!

We are glad to invite you to our live journal, where we'd like to speak about the current state of the contemporary guitar scene and its future prospects based on materials from different sources (the Internet, the media etc.) In order to bring this discussion closer to real life and to specific situations we will analyze various aspects of the issues at hand taking into account the professional experience of the musician Dmitry Nilov.


Why? The answer is very simple. Nilov as a guitarist has achieved extraordinary results by using the technical solutions of F.Tarrega, M.Llobet, A.Segovia. P.Romero, J.Willaims. His work can be considered to have reached an exceptional level.

The articles (or replies to your questions) signed "DN" are written by Dmitry himself. Others will be the result of our team's work and will be signed off with "S-CS”.
We hope that our blog will be of real interest to both classical guitar amateurs and professionals alike.